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Title: Beneath a Blazing Sun

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60174-148-6

Available eBook formats: HTML, ePub, PDF, Mobi and prc

Available now from: Uncial Press, Inc.

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~In a primitive land, a woman discovers new strengths and a love she has only dreamed of, while a man learns there are second chances.~

On a buying trip for her interior design firm, Kat Feldman is unprepared for Africa’s rough, exotic wilderness. This is nothing like the civilized streets of Europe and New York. There are monkeys committing mayhem in the trees outside her hotel room, gigantic insects in her bathroom and a man prowling the corridors who is inspiring her body to break all her dating rules.

Jackson Roarke is an avid outdoorsman. Baby-sitting a high maintenance city girl is not his idea of a perk. Except the city girl surprises and captivates him with her determination, adventurous spirit and courage. Poached ivory and Jackson’s past collide to threaten their future, but in this primitive land, Kat discovers new strengths and a love she has only dreamed of, and Jackson learns there are second chances.

"Beneath a Blazing Sun follows the course of a love as fiery and tempestuous as the title promises."-- Judith B. Glad, author of The Imperial Engineer and Never the Twain

4 1/2 hearts--"...highly creative and very romantic...a fascinating adventure..." The Romance Studio

J. A. Clarke

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