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Step with me into worlds both present and future, and discover bold heroes and feisty heroines...

~Fantasy heroes belong in dreams, so who is this man who appears in her life as it is spinning horribly out of control and can she trust him?~

Fantasies aren't supposed to come true. What happens when they do?
Workaholic, Carrie Marks, leads an uneventful, predictable life. Her weekdays are spent coaxing difficult customers into compliance and sorting out problems. The limited leisure time she has is filled with fantasy videos and dreams of a hero. Until, on a rain-soaked night, a hero wrenches her from the brink of disaster as she crosses the street. Nick Casey is everything she's ever dreamed of in her fantasies and nothing like any man she has ever dared to date.

Then her life spins horribly out of control. She's fired from her job. Her rent check bounces. Her bank account is wiped out. Her credit record is trashed. Nothing makes sense. She is thrust into an escalating nightmare. Someone has stolen her identity.

Carrie doesn't know whom to trust. Can this stranger who rescued her once help her now? Yet what is his connection to her ex-boss? And how can she resist the hero of her fantasies when his wacky housekeeper, his moonlighting lawyer, his alien nephews, his gorgeous ex-girlfriend and even his skeptical sister all seem to be conspiring to drive them together.

"This is one of those books that you laugh and cry, feel frustrated and then joy, and become so involved with the story that the characters seem real to you! Oh and there are so many fun secondary characters and the town is so quirky that I truly hope there will be more stories about this little town and the people who live there. Five Hearts" The Romance Studio

Title: Safe Harbor

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60174-059-5

Available eBook formats:HTML, PDF, PDB for Palm, PRC for Mobipocket, LIT for MS Readers, RB for Rocket/REB1100

Awards: Finalist in the 14th Annual Heart of the West Writers' Contest.

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Available from: Uncial Press





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